Apple is set to release the new iOS8 operating system for iPhones and iPads on September 17th.

APGWB users will not experience any interruptions when upgrading to iOS8, but should stay current on APGWB updates.

iPreFlight3 users MUST upgrade to version 3.13 for iOS8 compatibility.

iPreFlight 2.x users MUST NOT upgrade to iOS8 at this time or they will experience interruptions.

Please visit for further information.

The APG Advantage

Runway Analysis

Determine maximum takeoff and landing weight based on runway configuration, obstacles and terrain. Learn more.

iPreFlight Books

Quickly determine maximum payload considering W&B limits of the aircraft and TO/LD performance limits for all runways worldwide. iPreFlight also consolidates weather and NOTAMS for the planned flight. Learn more.

Weight and Balance

Calculate aircraft CG based on passengers, cargo and fuel load. Assure CG is within limits at takeoff, landing and inflight. Learn more.


Dispatch your fleet from virtually any platform using state-of-the-art technology. Learn more.